A: Cyprus is obviously an Island. The Government controls the Docks with exceptionally high charges. The Government, over the years has applied different but always very expensive Import Taxes. I have seen many changes over the last 15 years. Today we probably have the fairest system I have known. It is basically an Environmental tax; big polluters- pay big tax.
Certain cars, certainly not all, cost more but retain their value better than for example, in the UK. Older 4×4’s for example, are very much more expensive because tax has always been relatively high. Today’s regime makes them financially unviable to import. The good ones left fetch premium prices. It’s simply down to supply and demand!
A simple explanation – A customer came to me having been recommended by lots of his friends who had previously bought cars from me. Although he spent a lot of time complaining about the Cyprus prices, we sat down and I explained where we were! He was trading in an exceptionally nice 14 year old Honda HRV to buy a much newer Honda CRV. I agreed a price of 4000 euros (approximately eight times its UK value of 500 GBP). His new purchase was approximately one and half times its UK retail value. Once he had checked my figures he was happy to go ahead and he bought his CRV. He also felt much better about the Cyprus system. As usual he drove away happy!

A: Like most European countries, Road Tax is directly connected to the CO2 emissions of the vehicle. In general, its very similar to the UK. For example; an older 4×4 2L vehicle being in the region of 250 euros. Older cars, for example; Honda HRV 1.6L would be approximately 95 euros. Larger engines can be expensive so it is better to check first, for example; a 4.0 Litre Jeep Cherokee is just under 1000 euros!

A: Generally insurance costs seem relatively inexpensive. I recommend that you check the small print because some of the package sounds very impressive. The Personal Injury or Passenger cover is nothing like in the UK. However, for around 300 euros, you will get Fully Comprehensive Cover for any Driver aged between 23 – 70. This includes Roadside recovery and Windscreen Cover ( which is essential as windscreens are very expensive in Cyprus). Most companies will come out if you can’t start in the morning and will also come out to change a wheel! (A big consideration if you’re not as fit as you used to be) Most of my older customers would use this service and quite rightly, as changing wheels on most 4×4’s for example is beyond most of us!

A: This is a difficult one, usually the answer is NO! It totally depends on what car you are bringing. If it’s not worth much in the UK, the same will usually apply in Cyprus. Many people bring their ‘Pride and Joy’ only to discover it’s not really what they need in Cyprus. Then they get the shock!! They have paid shipping, unloading charges, clearing charges, Duty, Tax, MOT, registration charges and plates only to discover that they are not the only ones it doesn’t suit. Nobody else wants it so it doesn’t sell. We see many cases of this each month.

A: True, the new ones are less expensive than in the UK! If you buy new and don’t have any life changes for many years, it can work out great. The problem comes when you have a life change, which many people do. Then the story is completely different! Just one story (I have dozens….) A very pleasant gentleman came to me to discuss his impending purchase of a car. I went through the Pros and Cons of New vs. Used, mentioning the potential effects of a life change. The gentleman decided that New would be best because he could run it for ten years and he had a long warranty, etc. Four and a half months later, after a completely unexpected life change, he e-mailed me to see if I would buy it from him. I knew he had paid just short of 20K for his new car. I said that I was sorry but it wasn’t for me. His reply on the next e-mail said that it was a shame because he only wanted 13K for it. That was obviously the highest offer he had received. New cars depreciate very rapidly in Cyprus then they level out.
I’m sure there will be people who have bought new recently who believe differently. All I say to them is; ‘Go and have a look around!’ Trying to get a price for a nearly new car, most would be shocked! There are many people that have huge disposable incomes who can afford new at whatever cost. Most people asking these questions are on fixed incomes and don’t want to spend unnecessary cash.

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What Our Clients Say


Hi David, I just wanted to say thank you to you and all the team for the support, help and advice I have been given while choosing and buying my car. It was certainly appreciated.                                                                                                                                                                                            Thanks again for your patience in answering all my questions. I am thrilled with the Jazz and really enjoy driving it. Regards, Julia.  


Dear David, Please pass on my thanks to your bodywork guys..the work on my Golfs sill is exemplary…you cannot tell it’s been repaired, and the match is fantastic. All done on time and on estimate.                                                                                I would also mention the courtesy valet was very much appreciated,                                                                                    Thank you again, Yours sincerely, Stuart Lawrence    


Thank you so much for the kindness you & David showed me in the purchasing of the car and help doing the car insurance, it was marvellous and makes one feel less stressed about doing so in a different country as you think of everything (even down to the pen with the insurance documents) the little touches like the bubbly and photo shoot are another lovely V.I.P. touch. Here’s to me exploring the fabulous island in a super car!  

Caroline Finkler

Dear David, I just want to say what a pleasure doing business with an honourable company from top to bottom. My wife and I have been treated with respect and your staff have been tornadoes. I will recommend you and your company to all our friends. Nothing has been too much trouble for you and your team. So pleased with our Honda CRV! I would like to say thank you to you and your staff. Yours K.A. Jones

Ken Jones

Thank you for selling our car for us. The monies have arrived today. Thank you so much for your efforts they are much appreciated. We will back to see you as soon as our move is sorted. Best regards.

Ian and Paula

I just wanted to let you know that I think you have cured the oil leak problem this time. I have left it a while but no oil on the floor since you had the Peugeot in last time. I wanted to thank you and David for the excellent service we have received from you since we bought the car and would not hesitate to use you again. Thank you very much

Rob Hirons

Thank you so much for all the trouble you went to, collecting our car from home, dropping us off at the airport, arranging for repairs whilst we were on holiday and even leaving the car at the airport for our journey home. We cannot fault your excellent customer service.


I would recommend any to go to David Mitchell showroom as all I met there were so friendly and helpful


Always had professional, friendly and efficient service.


Always a pleasure to come and visit you, many thanks for letting us know

Ann R

Can’t recommend David Mitchells Motor Store highly enough. I have bought my last three cars from David and the customer service he offers is second to none

Kay Kath Er Ine

Having had brilliant customer service from David and his team earlier in the year, I would like to say that you surpassed yourselves with excellent customer service yesterday and today I have my car back. All repaired and a seriously competitive price. What more can I say. Simply the best. Well done and thank you to all the team

Carol Ackerley

Thank you…always there when i need help!

Claire Woodhead

Can’t fault the service of David Mitchell’s Motor Store, nothing was too much trouble and even flowers on collection.

Debz Meldrum – Suzuki Jimny

Lovely team of people, all very helpful, would recommend them to anyone. I didn’t have a clue what type of car I wanted so looked at a few different makes. The one I bought is perfect for me. (I’d never even heard of a Perodua Kembara!!).

Avril Shuttleworth

I ❤️ David Mitchells Motors. I cannot express how thank full we are to David Mitchell for his kindness and generosity. going through a stressfull time and after a visit to Limassol General Hospital we broke down a short distance form David Mitchell showrooms, after a phone call our car was taken to his garage and we were loaned another car. On collection today of our repaired vehicle we were naturally expecting a bill only to be told this was complimentary as customers for life. Where else could we expect such excellent service, We truly thank you and your team from the bottom of our heart.

Shirley Nicalaou Barningham